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      We are the producent of heavy steel construction and machine parts also machining, turning , milling, drilling , burning.  


      STEEL CONSTRUCTION, METAL AND MACHINE PART, HEAVY STEEL CONSTRUCTION,  Metal cutting, turning, milling, drilling, burning,



      Metallschneiden , Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren, Brennen,


      Stahlbau, METALL UND Maschinenteil , schweren Stahlkonstruktionen , Metallschneiden , Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren, Brennen,

      Стальная конструкция, металлообработка, токарные, фрезерные, сверлильные, жжение,


      Стальные конструкции, металл и детали машины, Тяжелые стальные конструкции, Металлорежущий, токарные, фрезерные, сверлильные, жжение,


      Metallschneiden, Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren, Бреннен,


      Штальбау Металл унд Maschinenteil, Schweren Stahlkonstruktionen, Metallschneiden, Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren, Бреннен,

      Staalconstructie, metaalbewerking, draaien, frezen, boren, branden,


      STAALBOUW, metaal en onderdeel van de machine, Heavy Steel Construction, Het snijden van metaal, draaien, frezen, boren, branden,

      Stålkonstruktion, metalbearbejdning, drejning, fræsning, boring, brændende,


      STEEL CONSTRUCTION, METAL OG maskindel, Heavy Steel Construction, Metal skæring, drejning, fræsning, boring, brændende,


      Struttura in acciaio, lavorazione dei metalli, tornitura, fresatura, foratura, bruciore,


      Acciaio da costruzione, METALLO E Parte di macchina, pesante Steel Construction, Taglio del metallo, tornitura, fresatura, foratura, bruciore,




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- castings of zinc, produced unconventional modern technology centrifugal casting. By this method it is possible to produce a wide variety, a complicated shape moving components and parts, such as. Holders, lever, Boxes, chainrings, hrebene, lids and smaller skeletons.

- technology is also suitable for the production of decorative character: furniture and construction fittings,metal home accessories, utility haberdashery : spony on opasky, ornamentation, Buttons, Medal, badges, etc.. Castings are dimensionally accurate and high quality surface, usually no further treatment, can be plating Electro plating or painting. It is possible to construct non-separable connections with other casting parts of another metal, eg. puzdra of mosadze, steel screws, etc..

Operational – First castings can get it within two days after receiving the model, delivery time is usually between 10 – 30 days.

Productively – preparation for independent production and production castings is very fast, technology is suitable for small and large series.

Economic – cast prices are too low or the unit production. Technology is very suitable for soft start series production of prototype

Models – Metal models are necessary to produce the mold according to the number of multiple forms

* casting machine

Weight of castings – from 1g to 2kg *

Maximum dimensions of castings – 650x 130 x 220 mm (slender components in length 250 mm)*

For direct casting into the mold outside has a casting weight and size limited only by the volume of molten material.

Technological options – zinc alloy Z 410 (SNT 42 3560), In 430 (SNT 42 3562) (ZnAl4Cu3),
alloy of tin and lead alloys, White Metals ( Sn - Sb - Pb ), foundry waxes, termoplast POLYURETAN