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      We are the producent of heavy steel construction and machine parts also machining, turning , milling, drilling , burning.  


      STEEL CONSTRUCTION, METAL AND MACHINE PART, HEAVY STEEL CONSTRUCTION,  Metal cutting, turning, milling, drilling, burning,



      Metallschneiden , Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren, Brennen,


      Stahlbau, METALL UND Maschinenteil , schweren Stahlkonstruktionen , Metallschneiden , Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren, Brennen,

      Стальная конструкция, металлообработка, токарные, фрезерные, сверлильные, жжение,


      Стальные конструкции, металл и детали машины, Тяжелые стальные конструкции, Металлорежущий, токарные, фрезерные, сверлильные, жжение,


      Metallschneiden, Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren, Бреннен,


      Штальбау Металл унд Maschinenteil, Schweren Stahlkonstruktionen, Metallschneiden, Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren, Бреннен,

      Staalconstructie, metaalbewerking, draaien, frezen, boren, branden,


      STAALBOUW, metaal en onderdeel van de machine, Heavy Steel Construction, Het snijden van metaal, draaien, frezen, boren, branden,

      Stålkonstruktion, metalbearbejdning, drejning, fræsning, boring, brændende,


      STEEL CONSTRUCTION, METAL OG maskindel, Heavy Steel Construction, Metal skæring, drejning, fræsning, boring, brændende,


      Struttura in acciaio, lavorazione dei metalli, tornitura, fresatura, foratura, bruciore,


      Acciaio da costruzione, METALLO E Parte di macchina, pesante Steel Construction, Taglio del metallo, tornitura, fresatura, foratura, bruciore,




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Steel construction

The company was founded in 1992. During this time the company has worked in several countries, but mainly in Slovakia, Czech, but especially on the German market. The main activity was to carry out repairs in various industrial enterprises mainly aimed at metallurgical industry, among the most famous customers in this field include companies like ZDB (Ironworks Drátovny Bohun), Skoda Plzen. As a subcontractor companies, industrial assembly, we have worked for leading companies in the field of engineering and mining and many other industries. The main scope of our business is the manufacture of steel structures, construction of industrial buildings. In 2004, we established our own manufacturing facilities and started production in Slovakia. At present, our products are exported to all over the world.